Rules & Regulations


All the students of PIMS are expected to observe disciplinary standards of the college in all their dealing. Failure to meet these standards would require them to appear before the disciplinary committee, who may recommend a suitable action against the students.

The action may lead to suspension of the students or expulsion from the college.

Any of the following will call for a disciplinary action;

  • Violation of the college rules and regulations
  • Involvement in activities that are against the interests and reputation of the institute.
  • Use of unfair means.
  • Improper behavior in or outside the class room.
  • Willful defiance of college authority whether alone of in association with others.
  • Any act of dishonesty including submission of false environment.
  • Association with actions harmful to good teaching environment.
  • Failure to meet the code of conduct of the institute.


PIMS aims to equip students to meet the challenges of 21st Century. The PIMS expects its students to strive towards the acquisition of attributes that benefit the national objectives. These attributes in turn should be reflected in their everyday behavior, attitude and dress.

In order to achieve these goals all students are obliged to strictly follow the code of conduct mentioned down below;

  • It is the responsibility of everyone to keep the college environment clean and tidy. Therefore, no littering or trash should be carelessly thrown or left. The designated waste bin should be used for the purpose.
  • The students are advised to refrain from any damage to the college furniture and fixture including misusing laboratory equipment blinds, writing on walls, desks.
  • The college campus is a no smoking area, and at no time in any part of the college smoking is allowed.
  • Students should be respectful to members of opposite sex and will refrain from any behavior which can create problems.
  • Students are reminded that gender mixing is permissible only within the social and cultural norms of society. Boys and girls are not allowed to sit next to each other in the classrooms, labs and library and outside.
  • Students should refrain from conduct that might damage the reputation of the institute.
  • Students are advised to switch off mobile phones in the classrooms, labs and library and examination hall so as not to disrupt the calm of these places.
  • The female students and staff should not wear tight or see through dresses, shorts or sleeveless shirts.
  • The students and staff are not expected to put on heavy makeup or expensive jewelry.
  • Students must refrain from cheating, plagiarism, lying and stealing and gender harassment.
  • No student is allowed bring outsiders to the institute without prior permission of the management, if any student found guilty, will be fine.
  • All the students and staff must display their ID Cards at all times while on the campus.


  • Regular monthly test and term examinations are held throughout the academic year for all students. Annual detentions are also held before board and university exams. All students are required to attend and pass these exams.
  • About 75% attendance is required for a student to be allowed to appear in the board or university examination. Any student having less than 75% attendance would not be allowed to appear in these examinations.
  • A student absent for five (5) consecutive days or absent for five (5) consecutive lectures in any subject without approved leave will automatically be struck off the institute roll.
  • A student found guilty of using unfair means in the test of examination will be fined along with parent call.
  • A student who applies for leave must submit proper application duly signed by the parents and guardian.
  • Back dated leave application would not be entertained in any case. It is responsibility of the student and his/her parents to submit the leave application in the institute office in due time.
  • Leave is approved only to exempt the student from absentee fine and shall not be credited to his attendance and it should be assumed to compensate for the compensation of attendance shortage at the end.


  • Write your name and roll number on the answer book as well as on the question paper.
  • Students are not allowed to take books, files, bags or any other material in the examination hall.
  • In the last five minutes make sure that extra sheets used by you are stapled to the answer book.
  • During examination, do not whisper, turn your eyes or head away from your answer book. Any evidence of cheating will earn you “F” grade as minimum penalty.
  • Students are required to sit according to the seating plan. The examiner can reallocate any student from his designated seat.
  • An examiner is authorized to dismiss you from the examination for use of un-fair means.
  • You are not allowed to continue writing after examiner announce, “the time is over, put your pens down”.
  • Mobile phones are not allowed in the examination hall and mobile phone should not be used as calculators.
  • Students are normally informed by the management of PIMS about the examinations schedule. However it is also the responsibility of all the students to remain in touch with the management of PIMS for obtaining all relevant information so as to avoid delays in fulfilling the requirement of examination schedules as set by the University of Peshawar/Board of Intermediate & Secondary Education Peshawar, KP Board of Technical Education Peshawar.


Admission fee paid by the student at the time of admission is not refundable in any case. However, the tuition fee refund policy is as under:

Prior to Commencement of Classes               100% Refundable

After the Commencement of Classes

In first week                            75% Refundable

In Second Week                      60% Refundable

In third week                           50% Refundable

After 3rd week of the commencement of classes, NO REFUND is allowed.


  • All library material must be borrowed out before leaving the library. Un-borrowed items taken beyond the library gage are considered stolen. Offenders are liable to suspension and strict disciplinary action.
  • Silence must be observed in the library. The library staff has the right to ask the people to leave the library if they are talking, causing disturbance to other.
  • Chairs and study tables should not be moved around.
  • Eating, drinking and smoking are not allowed in library.
  • Personal belongings must be left outside the library or at the designated places. The institute accepts no responsibility for these items left in the library.
  • Students are not allowed to use mobile phones in the library. Mobile phones must be switched off in the library.
  • Reference materials would not be issued.
  • Renewal of borrowed books cannot be claimed as right, priority would be given to those in the waiting list.
  • A fine of Rs. 5/- per day would be charged for each book returned after the due date.
  • If an items is lost, then the borrower must replace it. If an item is not found form local market double cost of the item would be charged.
  • Theft of library materials is a major offence that may result in immediate expulsion from the institute.


Students are required to cooperate with the lab staff in order to run the lab affairs smoothly.

  • No personal equipment without prior permission of lab in-charge can be brought or installed in the computer lab.
  • No food stuff or drinks are allowed in the lab.
  • Use of mobile phones in the lab is strictly prohibited.
  • Relocation of the lab equipment is strictly prohibited.
  • No chatting is allowed.
  • No loud talking, noisy behavior or music is allowed in the labs.
  • No computer games are allowed in the lab.
  • No outsider without permission is allowed in the lab.