Vice Principal

“I feel immense pleasure and pride to be the Vice Principal of a well-known institute. PIMS – Peshawar City Institute of Modern Sciences – was established in 2010 with the aim to provide quality education to the young aspirants of this province with lower cost. Everyone in the institution is committed to provide excellent training and grooming to the students by providing them state of the art academic facilities in purpose built building. The basic teaching facilities including lecture halls, labs, demonstration rooms, library, internet (WIFI) and essential infrastructure can be compared with any other best management can be compared with any other best management institute in the country. We have most experienced and learned faculty in the disciplines of management sciences, commerce etc. who are committed to plan, arrange, deliver and execute the latest trends of the modern education in the institute.

We have achieved good name at national level in the field of education by creating dynamic educational environment in a very short span of time.

May ALLAH help us in achieving our noble goal and provide us capability, courage and endurance to serve the nation for long time to come.

Education provides the fullest opportunities for fulfilling ourselves. It is the success to all that a person has yet to learn.

Good Luck…….


Naveed Shahzad

Vice Principal